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Soft Satin Pillow case

Soft Satin Pillow case

Absolutely super soft excellent quality satin pillows case. great to sleep in, comfortable and breathable. We would highly recommend you switching to satin pillowcase.


Did you know that sleeping in satin does not cause friction like other materials do, reslulting in alot less frizz and it is much easier to style hair in the morning.


Also satin does not suck out the moisture from the hair, therefore hair keeps hydration and reduces breakage.


Also great for the skin. Satin pillowcase absorb alot less moisture from your skin, which will help skin stay moisurised and help prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing. 


If you are suffering from acne, irritated skin then satin pillow caes is definetly for you.  


fits u.k standard size

    £8.00 Regular Price
    £5.80Sale Price
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