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Welcome to Barako Boutique. Here you will find culture meeting modern styles and trendy looks. We pride ourselves in providing unique and gorgeous dirac and dirac sets for the culture, as well as chic and elegant abayas and hijabs. Barako Boutique was in the works for long time since we took a trip to middle east and finally it came into fruition. 


In our boutique you will find a variety of different fashion and beauty necessities. 


The other side of BB is our amazing haircare Nafqo4hair which means Nourishment4hair. After I suffered major hair loss a few years ago and I started to research which ingredients work best and how it will help hair and scalp. Then nafaqo4hair was born to help me, you and so many of us to gain our confidence back. Remember beauties, your hair is the crown you never take off, so let’s nourish and nurture it together with nafaqo4hair. 

Best Wishes 🤍




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