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Skincare Kit Bag Set

Skincare Kit Bag Set

The perfect add to your skincare routine.

We put this bag together for you because we know how busy life gets and want to make life easier for you to have ur esentials in one bag. Also you dont always have to be looking around for your face brush, mask bowl etc. Please note after using the kit, cleand and dry it before putting back in bag. Head bands comes in beige, grey or black, please note the colour you will get will be by chance. if you really have specific favourite colour we will do our best to accomodate that.


The bag includes:

- 1 Head band

- 1 face cleaning soft brush

- 1 silicone mask application brush

- 1 mask bowl 

- 1 measuring scoop

- 1 mask spatula

- 1 mask brush


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