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Moroccan Blue Nila Foaming Scrub

Moroccan Blue Nila Foaming Scrub

Foaming body sugar scrub, formulated to gently exfoliate your skin and cleanse it to take off any dead skin cells, dirt, and reveal a more radiant, smooth, and softer skin.


Some of the powerful ingredients include, Moroccan blue nila powder to tackle hyperpigmentation Soothes skin, reduces redness, reduce dark spots brigthens, glowy skin (Blue nila powder is available in powder form too to use as mask)

Argan oil, which is moisturising, has anti ageing effects, prevents and reduces stretch marks. Coconut oil, which is also moisturising, Antimicrobial properties, so it protects the skin from damage, fatty acids cocunut oil contains are excellent emollients that help soften skin.

Glycerin increases skin hydration by pulling water from the air to keep skin hydrated, relieve dryness, softens skin, and moisturises. Vitamin E oil is moisturising and protects the skin. It is also great for helping against dry itchy skin and help prevent wrinkles.


315g bottle

  • For glowy smooth skin, use scrub twice a week

    1. Shower as normal

    2. The gently massage the scrub into your skin in circular motion with your hand or exfoliating glove

    3. Wash it off with just warm water

    4. Moisturise as normal

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